Red Rock Capital AG

The listed Red Rock Capital AG, headquartered in Hanover, works with a focus on German residential property and functions as the holding company of project developers and service providers for the real estate sector.

Here, for example, we focus on service providers that allow the construction industry to realise projects faster and more efficiently.

In the field of project development, investments in real estate with development requirements are made with the aim to explore and profit from above-average value added potential. Our real estate developers thereby primarily concentrate on housing construction in urban areas within Germany. By this, we react to the sustaining high demand for housing in German cities. As a result, all of our group's real estate projects benefit from the stability and low cyclicality of urban real estate markets and the continued value enhancement in all areas of the real estate sector.

The apartments are mostly sold to buyers who create long-term capital investments via real estate, but also to owner-occupiers. Since the purchase of housing is usually subsidised by the state, real estate is one of the most attractive investment opportunities. In particular, the tax depreciation options for listed buildings and constantly rising rental prices as well as a high, tax-free resale yield after the so-called speculation period of ten years are major incentives for many people in Germany to invest their capital in residential property. In addition also institutional investors – including funds, housing cooperatives, insurance companies and banks, as well as family offices and independent pension funds – belong to our target group. Other property and project developers can purchase planned projects including a building permit before the start of construction from Red Rock.

Finally our concept also involves to hold existing properties, including the operation of particularly attractive niche markets such as retirement homes and nursing homes.